Dual Purpose Room & Closet Storage Ideas

Dual Purpose Room & Closet Storage Ideas

New garage cabinets and flooring for a grage with a a dual purpose.Sometimes rooms take on a new purpose by accident. Your garage becomes a giant storage closet, or the kitchen becomes an impromptu dining room.

But there are ways to get more use out of these spaces by embracing dual-purpose room design. Here are a few ideas on how to make that happen.

1. The “cloffice”

In other words, an office inside your closet. Technically, this is a triple-purpose room: tuck a desk and some shelves inside a closet to use it as a home office. You can keep this space behind a curtain when it’s not in use, and use the rest of the room as a guest room.

You might also be able to use a low shelf in place of a desk inside your “cloffice.” We would advise making sure this shelf is sturdy, especially if you’ll be working with a large desktop computer.

Murphy bed is an easy way to create a dual purpose for a room.2. Daybed in the playroom

Let’s say you want to give guests a place to sleep, but you don’t entertain often enough to justify turning a spare room into a guest room. Your kids’ playroom might hold the answer with this simple dual-purpose room design trick. Just put in a daybed, choosing one with big drawers to hide toys.

If you don’t like the idea of your guests sleeping on a daybed, consider installing a Murphy bed, which can fold up into the wall. Read our recent Murphy bed blog post for more ideas along this line.

3. Working in your laundry room

A Mudroom / laundry room can be a great space for a small office or craft area.

We know, we know: When aren’t you working in your laundry room? Between washing, drying, folding and ironing clothes, it’s a busy place.

Still, it’s a work space that’s devoted to a specific kind of work. Get more use out of this room by adding a desk and a chair to give yourself a place to do crafting, work from home, or handle messier household chores that you’d rather not tackle in other parts of the house.

4. The TV room that’s for more than just TV

THEATER-FamilyRoom can have several puposes with the addition of cabinets.

Your home theater or “TV room” can be more than just a place to binge watch with a few adjustments. Bookcases, cabinets and shelving can bring some much-needed organization to this space and help you achieve the dual-purpose room design you’re after.

Putting in cabinets can help you hide wires and equipment – and give you a place to make sure your remote doesn’t get lost – while drawers and shelves can help you organize DVDs, video games and CDs. Shelving also gives you a place to display artwork, family photos or awards.

5. Cabinets in your guest room

Bedroom with an office. Adding cabinets and a desk in a guest room will turn the space into one with a dual purpose.

As we noted earlier, guest rooms are often dual-purpose rooms by default. When no one’s staying over, it’s a place to work from home or work out.

One way to make things easier on you and your guests is to install custom cabinetry that lets you get more out of the room.

That could mean installing adjustable shelf, floor-to-ceiling cabinets that let you store craft supplies or workout gear, or a wall of library shelves to give yourself a cozy reading room.

If you’re looking for more closet storage ideas, or help in plotting out the perfect dual-purpose room design, Closet City can help.

Our organizing experts can work with you and your family to get the most out of your rooms. Contact us today to get started.


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