Why Interior Designers Work with Closet Designers

Why Interior Designers Work with Closet Designers

In nearly every field, there are specialists. When your kids needed braces, the dentist sent you to an orthodontist. If your mechanic can’t figure out what’s wrong with your car, they might consult with your car company.

And so it is with the world of interior design.

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Interior designers often use closet designers because closet designers have specialized expertise.  In the closet and storage industry, you’ll find a wealth of fabrication and material choices. It can be too much for interior designers to keep up with, which is why they’ll turn to a closet design professional for help.

Even if you have an interior designer, a closet designer can offer another level of skill. Here are a few tips for working with a closet design professional.

1. Get Your Closets Ready

Before the closet designer arrives, make sure you’ve cleared out enough space from the closet so that they can take proper measurements. They should be able to see the corners and the ceiling and to spot things like molding or hidden utility panels. Let the designer know if you store things in boxes, so that they can build customized shelves. Having the proper measurements for your closet can make all the difference in the world.

2. Give Them Time

You’ll need to give your closet design professional time to assess your needs. Allow for an hour (or two) for a thorough consultation. The designer will measure your space and start to plan the layout of your new closet. And by meeting with them in your home, you’ll give the closet designer a chance to work with you to choose colors, door and drawer designs and anything else that fits the mood of the rest of your home.

3. Don’t Let Them Work In A Vacuum

Let’s say your closet redesign is part of a larger remodeling project. Be sure to introduce your closet designer to the other professionals working on your home. This will make sure everything from scheduling to delivery runs smoothly.

It’s vital that they know your schedule for the rest of the remodeling work: painting, flooring installation or finishing and other jobs should all come before your new closet installation.

DH16- closet - man.jpg4. A Tip For Condo Owners

If you live in a condominium or co-op or some other multi-unit building, you should try to facilitate conversations between your closet designer and building management. Your building might have stringent rules involving insurance, hours in which work crews can operate, where they might be able to/not be able to park and the use of a freight elevator or service entrances. Having those conversations before work starts can help you and your designer avoid a lot of frustration.

If you’ve embarked on a home remodeling project and want another level of expertise to help revamp your closet space, contact Closets & Cabinetry.

Our experts can work with you to create the closet that meets your storage and design needs. Whether you’re working with an interior designer, or just want to give your closet a new look, we’ll be there to provide our expertise. Get in touch today for a no-cost consultation.


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