Custom Closet Design: How to Improve Any Closet



What kind of closets do you have in your home? Are they tight little corners where you can hang a few coats? Or do they amount to small rooms, places where you can spend your morning routine getting ready to go out and face the world?

No matter what you have, there are certain custom closet design features that can help improve the functionality of the space, regardless of the size.

This week, we’ll look at some things you can do to improve virtually any closet.

Storage space can go from the top to bottom.1. Go high, and low

There’s more space in your closet than you might realize. Take advantage of that space from the ceiling down to the floor by installing bins on high shelves, an additional closet pole if there’s enough ceiling space, and putting roll-out boxes on the floor.

2. Light, light, light

Lighting is very important.This is a point we’ve made before and will likely make again: your closet doesn’t truly work if you can’t see what’s inside. If you can take advantage of a window or a skylight, you can use natural light to illuminate your closet.

However, this comes with some downsides: sunlight can fade your clothes, and your closet will only be lit up during the day. You may want to opt for artificial, fluorescent light, as incandescent bulbs can present a fire hazard in tight spaces.

3. Visibility

Let’s say you’ve installed new lighting in your closet. Can you now see everything inside? Use accessories that keep your accessories visible: see-through wire bins, drawers with dividers, belt/tie racks, glass or acrylic-fronted drawers.

When planning a new closet think about how you store you clothing, folded or hung shirts.4. Think about your wardrobe habits

Your closet will reach peak functionality if you know in advance just how you’ll be using the space. Do you fold up shirts and stack them, or put them on hangers? Do you roll your socks into balls, or lay them out flat? Think about how you get dressed and choose a closet improvement plan that fits that pattern.

5. The floor matters

Chances are visitors to your home won’t see much of your closets, and even less of the closet floor. That doesn’t mean you should neglect that section of your closet. You may be the only one who sees the floor, but you’re also the person who has to stand on it each day.

Think about what’s important to you. Do you want something that’s comfortable to stand on in bare feet? Install some carpeting. Would you rather a surface that’s easier to clean? Pick wood or vinyl.

Keep closets and bathrooms safe by using a humidifier.6. Mold, mildew and cedar

It’s important to keep your closet aired out and dehumidified to prevent mold, mildew and moths from setting up shop.

Installing a bathroom-style fan, timed to turn on and off on a regular schedule, will send air into the closet even when the door is closed. A dehumidifier can prevent moisture from forming, which is particularly important if your closet is in the basement.

Many people opt to use cedar chips in their closets to keep away insects. While this method is effective, keep in mind that the smell can seep into other rooms. If you want to use cedar in your closets, consider doing so in a closet that’s in an attic or basement, with a door between the closet and the rest of the home (aside from the actual closet door, that is).

If you’re looking for ways to get the most out of your closet, the team at Closets & Cabinetry is ready to help. Whether you have an expansive walk-in or a small hall closet, our custom closet designers can create a space that works for you and your wardrobe. Contact us today to get started.



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