The Versatile Barn Door

The Versatile Barn Door


The Simple Barn Door Has Truly Evolved Over Time

From protecting farm animals to providing today’s homeowners with chic storage solutions, sliding barn doors have gone through many changes over the centuries. Because you don’t need a lot of floor space to open and close the door, they’re a great solution for small spaces.

An Oldie but a Goodie

The earliest version of these sliding doors date back to Pompeii, in the Roman Empire. The simplest versions involved a top-hung gear system, a design that is still popular today. Over the years, other designs were developed, including bottom-rolling systems, lift-and-slide systems, and automatic systems.

A bottom-rolling gear system can be used where the door is too heavy to be completely supported from above. The door is placed on tracks embedded into the floor and ceiling, letting the user move the door with minimal effort. Lift-and-slide doors allow for a better seal where the door meets the frame, and also some soundproofing. The door needs to be lifted while opening and closing it.

Automatic doors are probably the most common form of barn doors today. Millions of store, hotel, and office building entrances use automatic barn doors, which people walk through without even thinking about the fact that a door is opening. Each door is powered by a motor and a system of magnets. 

Desk with barn doors open Barn Party

Here at Closet City, we can turn any ordinary space into something special. Use barn doors to create a home office with a minimal footprint. Open the doors to work, then slide the doors closed and your friends won’t see your cluttered desk, and the kids won’t get into your important documents. 

Desk with barn doors closedBecause the doors slide, the open spaces on either side of the desk niche are available to decorate or add shelves for additional storage. When work is done, you can use the room for other activities, while still having a stylish home office.

Want to know more about having barn doors in your home? We would love to discuss all the many options available – contact us today!


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