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When was the last time you spent any time in your attic?

Do you think of it as part of your home, or just a place to tuck away old clothes and holiday decorations?

And have you ever looked at your attic and wondered if it could be something more than an afterthought?

Just like basements, attics are often an overlooked living space. With a little work, they can be upgraded and turned into a custom dressing room and closet.


Read on to find out more about the ins-and-outs of attic storage design.

How Big Is Your Attic?

The style and age of your home can affect what you can do with your attic. Ranch homes and many newer two-story homes have attics that are essentially just crawl spaces, while older homes offer a wealth of third-story space.

Ventilation and Insulation

Your attic isn’t ready for a makeover until it’s been properly insulated and ventilated. Insulation and ventilation reduce humidity and prevent severe temperature changes in summer and winter.

Even if you aren’t undergoing an attic remodel, proper insulation and ventilation can help reduce your utility bill and protect your roof from damage. If you’re considering installing a fan to ventilate your attic, make sure it has an automatic shut off feature.

This is a fire prevention measure. Fans in attics need shutoff sensors that come on automatically if temperatures in the space rise dramatically. Some fans even come with a humidistat that activates when humidity levels in the attic rise about 70 percent.

Storage Solutions

More and more homeowners are treating their attics like large walk-in closets, appraisal expert Leslie Sellers tells HGTV, adding shelves and drawers

It’s a far cry from the days when “you used to just lay boxes on each other, and every 10 years you’d go up and remember what you had,” Seller says.

Other homeowners are going a step further, building cedar closets in their attics. These are closets with a cedar lining used to store clothes and keep them smelling fresh. “Using mothballs is the old way, and makes your clothes smell,” says Sellers.

If You’re On A Budget

For homeowners who only want to use their attic for storage, looks don’t matter as much as practicality. Make sure you flooring is secure so you can work safely in the space.  You can utilize many storage and shelving systems to keep the space clean and organized.

Add More Living Space To Your Home

If your attic is big enough and your roof high enough you can turn it into a combination living/storage space. A larger attic can easily transform into another bedroom, playroom, library or home office. You can install skylights and smaller picture windows to add some lights and ventilation to your space. This type of transformation should be left to a professional contractor.

When it comes time to turn your attic into something more than an attic, Closet City can help make your new room as useful and appealing as possible.

Visit our website to see how we’ve helped other homeowners make the most of their attic remodel, and then contact Closet City to schedule a no-cost consultation with a designer. We’re confident we can turn your attic into a place you’ll want to spend time in.



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