A Closet Built For Two

Closet City - A Closet Built For Two

Men and women are different.

This idea has launched hundreds of books and thousands of stand-up comedy routines.

And while we’re not sure if men really are from Mars, we do know that men and women often have very different needs when it comes to closet design.

Most master bedroom suites have space for his-and-her closet storage. But these spaces can have very different requirements. That’s why we’ve put together these tips for customized storage solutions that will keep everyone organized.

A Closet Built For Two

For Women

Women can often have very specific needs in terms of closet space. For example, if they own an extensive jewelry collection, your closet will need a cabinet with its own jewelry compartments, with hooks to keep pieces from getting tangled.

If you own a lot of shoes or your fair share of purses, consider installing shelves with adjustable dividers, or cubby holes. Consider placing evening gowns on pants hangers, as it keeps the gowns from stretching while also providing you with extra vertical space.

For Men

Some of the same rules of closet design apply for both men and women. Hanging pants on hangers gives you more vertical space. And shelves or cubbies for shoes can give you more room on the floor. Install some tie and belt racks, as well as some drawers for socks or other smaller items.

Sharing A Closet

Space is precious when thinking about closet design, but there’s no reason couples can’t share. Designate space for each partner by dividing the area in half. Use a shared cabinet as a dividing line.

Other things to consider:

  • Putting a vanity in your closet can give you more space to get ready and to keep things like perfume, cologne, jewelry or watches. But having one means sacrificing space that could be used for drawers.
  • If you and your spouse share a closet, your jobs may dictate who gets more space. If your husband works from home and you need to get dressed to go to the office, you’ll likely need more room.
  • A walk-in closet is essentially another room, and what’s a room without lots of light? Your closet design should include ample lighting, allowing you to see what you’re putting on each day.
  • And on that note, your closet should also include a full-length mirror, to allow you to see how your outfit looks when it comes together.
  • Give yourself a place to sit. Even a small bench in your closet gives you and your spouse a place to put your shoes on, or drape items you’ve decided not to wear.
  • Make it your own. Hang some photos and decorations on your shared sides to give the closet some of your personalities.

Are you and your spouse tired of battling over closet space? Let the experts at Closets & Cabinetry help negotiate a ceasefire.

Our closet organizing team will work with you and your partner to create an efficient storage space where everything is visible and accessible while giving you both the space you need. Contact us today to schedule a free appointment with one of our designers, and we’ll get to work on giving you a walk-in closet that works for both of you.



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