Our Best Blogs of 2017

Our Best Blogs of 2017


Hello everyone, and happy New Year! We hope you had a safe, enjoyable holiday, and are ready to tackle 2018.

We have a lot of home storage and organization ideas we’re excited to share with you in the coming weeks and months. But first, we’re going to interrupt our regularly scheduled blog programming to look back at the year that’s just passed with the best blogs of 2017.

Here are seven blog posts from the past year that you responded to the most:

Kid in messy bedroom1. Controlling Kid Clutter in the Playroom

Our readers were huge fans of this post, which deals with a subject familiar to any parent: the clutter that comes from having kids.

“But it doesn’t have to be that way,” we wrote in December, sharing tips that included:

  • Instituting rules for taking out/putting away toys
  • Setting aside a place near the door to keep coats, shoes and backpacks
  • Using the space under kids’ beds to store items that aren’t used that often

And of course, you can cut down on toy-related clutter at home by investing in some storage containers, or playroom cabinetry.

Christmas decorations2. 7 Holiday Decoration Tips

Here’s a topic worth revisiting this time of year: How to keep your holiday decorations in tip top condition after you take them down.

This post included advice on protecting fragile ornaments, untangling lights, keeping garland together, and storing artificial Christmas trees.

3. Our Best Home Organization Tips

Pantry and Laundry areas organizedWe published this blog post around Thanksgiving, and asked readers to think of it as a “buffet,” offering up storage and organization tips for every part of the house, from closets to laundry rooms to garages.

We also shared a few ideas on how a Murphy Bed can help you get more use out of your home, whether that means having another place for guests to sleep or letting more than one kid share a room.

Family thanksgiving dinner4. 14 Tips to Help Organize Your Holidays

The weeks between the end of November and January 1 can be a stressful period, which is why we created this blog post, aimed at helping readers prepare their home for company, whether that meant a handful of friends on New Year’s Eve or a massive Thanksgiving feast with the extended family.

5. Safe and Sustainable Cabinetry Materials

Recycle symbol made out of grass on wood surface“More and more consumers are looking for safer, greener products when they tackle home remodeling projects,” we wrote last year, “and that includes choosing sustainable cabinet materials.”

This post gave readers suggestions on how to install new cabinets while also avoiding materials such as formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds.

6. Charity Begins When You Clean Out Your Closet

Girl donating clothingWhenever we write about cleaning out a closet or a garage, we tell readers to find a new home for their unwanted clothing or other items.

With this blog post, we gave our readers a detailed list of charities that would accept those items, whether you’re giving away shoes, books, clothing, furniture, food or electronics.

7. The Psychological Benefits of an Organized Life

Organized linen closetMost of our blog posts focus on questions of “How?”

As in “How do I organize closets?” or “How do I get more use out of my garage?” But with this post, we moved away from the question of how to organize your home to deal with why you should organize in the first place.

It turns out there are quite a few good reasons, including improved eating habits, better relationships, more sleep and less stress and depression.

Thank you once again for reading, commenting on and subscribing to our blog this year. The team here at Closet City hopes the tips we provided made your life easier during 2017, and we can’t wait to share even more ideas in 2018.


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