Building? Consider These Tips first …

Building? Consider These Tips first ...

Ideas for planning a new closet design home building

Building a new space can be very exciting, whether a small closet in an existing room, a large addition to your current home, or a brand new home. However, you need to plan and organize storage spaces within the building process. This way everything you and your family want to keep is organized and functional.

At Closet City, we understand the challenges of building and organizing a new space!  Let our space management pros help you through the process.  Any change is never easy. With our help, we can guide you through the planning process, asking the right questions, designing the new spaces exactly the way they need to be to have all of your dreams come true.  During our 30 years of existence, we have worked hand in hand with numerous builders, architects, and interior designers. We coordinate their efforts with ours to obtain the ideal storage solution for each client.  Our skilled craftsmen complete professionally installed masterpieces on a daily basis!

Imagine a new closet or addition with all of the amenities and functioning storage space that works just for you! The kids will know where the toys go, and your pantry will be designed with all the storage capabilities possible. You and your spouse will have every available accessory to make your morning dressing time run smoothly. Closet City helps you realize your ultimate dream of having your new space be as efficient and organized as possible!  We make your planning, packing, and moving process successful by creating the organized storage you need at your new home. Review the tips below and then contact one of our specialists for a FREE consultation.

Tips for planning a new space

  • First, understand the limitations of the space.
  • Each kind of space has its own particular needs, so plan accordingly. 
  • To paint, or not to paint … When planning a closet retro-fit, consider whether to paint the inside of the closet first.
  • Label your boxes with numbers and which room they’re going to. In addition, keep a list of all boxes and their contents in case anything gets lost during the move.  For a helpful, detailed list of things to do before and during a move, check out our “Moving” challenge page.
  • Finally, enlist our help at the very beginning of any building process. Our experts can guide your planning so the smallest decision doesn’t become the biggest pitfall. Thinking about that beautiful French door you want to open into the closet entrance? It can be placed in the appropriate spot in advance of actual construction in order to maximize the use of the interior space. And, it just may need to relocate to a different location than the contractor suggested for it. We at Closet City can make suggestions to enhance your building experience!

Make the most of your home’s storage spaces, and contact us today!
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