Turning Your Attic into the Closet of Your Dreams

Turning Your Attic into the Closet of Your Dreams


When you bought your home, what did you do with the attic?

Did you turn it into a guest room? A home office? A bedroom for one of your kids?

Or is it just the dusty, dimly-lit place where you store Christmas decorations and old photos?

If your attic is in the latter category, and you’d like it to be something more than an afterthought, we can help. Here are a few ways you can transform your attic into the closet of your dreams.

Attic closet1. Think outside the box

The box in this case represents all your other closets, which tend to be, well, box-like. But your attic closet is a different animal, due to the unique architecture of the space. Embrace its unusual angles and sloped ceilings. It can give your new closet a boutique feeling.

2. Give yourself enough space

Those sloped ceilings are a double edge sword. They look great, but they can make it hard to get around.  When installing built-in cabinets and shelving in your new attic closet, make sure you’re giving everyone enough headroom.

3. Focus on energy efficiency

If your attic is just a generic storage space, you’re probably content to let it get very cold in the winter and stifling in the summer.

But when you have an attic closet, you’ll need to make sure the temperature is comfortable year-round, and appropriate for storing clothes. Contact your local HVAC experts to get their advice.

4. The magic of mirrors

Is your attic a tight space? Add a few mirrors. They’ll make the room seem larger by reflecting light, and help you plan your outfits.

Attic walk-in closet empty with window5. Let there be (natural) light

If you have an attic with a sloped ceiling, you might have the perfect spot to add a skylight. A professional carpenter or roofer can tell you for sure.

Adding natural light to your attic will make a world of difference to the look and feel of the space. Just remember that a skylight can affect the temperature of your room, and too much direct sunlight can cause clothing to fade.

6. Use open shelving

Dual attic closet

Another solution for people dealing with tight spaces. If you have open shelving, you’ll eliminate the need for swinging doors, which just get in the way.

7. Add some accessories

An attic closet isn’t just a storage space. It’s a whole new room.  Make it your own by adding some accessories, even if it just means hanging some of your favorite artwork on the wall.

8. Consult with a professional

Like we said at the beginning of this list, your attic might be filled with weird angles and all sorts of unusual and tight spaces. If that’s the case, it’s best to work with a custom closet designer rather than trying to force a ready-made closet system into an oddly shaped room.

Are you ready to turn your attic into a stylish new closet? Closet City can help. Our designers look forward to working with you on creating the attic closet of your dreams. Visit our website to see a gallery of past work and contact us to schedule your no-cost consultation.




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