Meet our Designers

Closet City’s professional space planning and design consultants have been providing practical storage solutions and award winning designs to our clients for over 30 years.
May 2016 - One of our designers received this text: "Hi Janet! I was out of town over the weekend when the new closet was installed. It is magnificent!!! Thank u and ur team very very much! We r eternally grateful! Hey - Ur the expert!!" -- Mary Bordic

Closet City’s Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest quality closet and cabinetry products. We are able to do this through our highly-skilled employees using state-of-the-art products and manufacturing processes. And, we do this for our retail customers and wholesale dealers alike.

In other words, we bring happiness to our clients through 'organization'. We take exceptional pride in every closet and cabinet system that we manufacture and install. Our inspiration is the people we employ, as well as those we work for.

From Our Blog

Design Home Tours!

2016 marks the 14th year of Philadelphia magazine’s DESIGN HOME. Each Design Home has exhibited the latest trends in the market. These remarkable, state of the art houses have repeatedly awed visitors. And of course, as a 6-year sponsor, we have tricked out the master and guest bedroom closets. You … [Continue Reading...]

Library: Book nooks at Home

Whether your favorite books are signed first editions or dog-eared paperbacks, they deserve well-designed nooks to rest their spines.  And though this era of digital books would lead you to believe that a library in your home is not a "necessity", there is something to be said for having a physical … [Continue Reading...]

Dare to be Creatively Crafty!

Are you one of those creative and crafty people who would love to have their own designated work area at home?  Do you have tons of gift-wrapping, scrapbooking, and other hobby materials that desperately need an organized, permanent home?  Then you may want to consider having our space planners come … [Continue Reading...]

“Get Real” about Decluttering

You've seen so many of the "get organized" tips and "how to" articles on clearing clutter ... (if not, we have quite a few to share!) ... but today's post is all about "Getting Real". How so?  It's time to actually put some of those organizing strategies into action in your life -- call it spring … [Continue Reading...]

Mirror, mirror — NOT on the wall

The invention of the pull-out mirror for closets is one of the best-kept secrets in the closet industry.  Lots of people have full-length mirrors, but almost all are fixed to a wall.  Our customers feel the pull-out, pivoting version we offer is a better option! Truth is, a full-length mirror is … [Continue Reading...]

Hangers, Explained

Most of us select clothes that reflect our personal style, and if we're appointing that task to our clothes, we need to respect them. Proper care of your clothes and sturdy hangers will result in longer wear, neater appearance, protection of your clothing investment, and the ability to choose an … [Continue Reading...]